Make Us Your Go-To for Drinks

Try our cold brew in East Moline, IL today

Need a drink? On hot summer days, swing by our coffee shop in East Moline, IL for a fresh-made fruit smoothie or re-energizing cold brew. When the temperature drops, make us your top choice for delicious hot chocolate, fresh-brewed coffee, chai teas and espresso drinks. No matter the season or the reason for your visit, you can count on us whip up your perfect drink.

Details about our specialty drinks

Many coffee enthusiasts in the East Moline, IL area choose East Moline Coffee Company for everything from espresso to cold brew. What makes us different than other coffee shops? Our menu features more than 100 unique recipes, which makes it easier than ever to find a drink that matches your mood.

Need your daily coffee? We serve all types, including:

  • Lattes - drinks made with milk foam, steamed milk and espresso.
  • Mochas - drinks made with milk foam, steamed milk, chocolate and espresso.
  • Cappuccinos - drinks made with milk foam, milk and espresso.
  • Americanos - drinks made with water and espresso.
  • Macchiatos - drinks made with steamed milk and espresso.

Want a cold drink? We also serve iced coffee and high-octane cold brew. You can also order a smoothie made with fresh fruit, yogurt, honey and milk.

Know Your Coffee

Latte- Milk foam, steamed milk, espresso

Mocha- milk foam, steamed milk, chocolate, espresso

Cappuccino- milk foam, milk, espresso

Americano- Water, Espresso

Macchiatto- Espresso, steamed milk.